INDIA 2018 with Teachers Siddhi and Nichola.


SIDDHI: Master Yoga Teacher & Trainer leading spiritual journeys through India for over 10 years. or 805-280-9779

NICHOLA: is an interfaith minister, a spiritual teacher, life mentor, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and author.


Tentative Itienrary:  See Gallery below for more pictures. 
NEW DELHI: Visit to the Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Gate of India, and experience the ancient monuments of old Delhi with the imposing magnificence  of New Delhi.

RISHIKESH: Take a dip in the most beautiful and holy river of India. The Ganga. Visit holy mountain temples, hike the hill sides, and enjoy lots of shopping!

VARANASI: Enjoy the treasures of an old city with sunrise rituals, soulful music and the most amazing Arti (fire ceremony) at the banks of the Ganga.

*Tour package extension: Agra (Taj Mahal) or Amritsar


Join us on an inward journey to the SELF by deepening your spiritual connection through yoga, meditation and ceremony, as well as enjoying the pleasures of life on the beaches of Barbados.  By blending different unique styles of yoga, mantras and meditations we intend to learn to be more inclusive with diversity.  By embracing the differences of each other and ourselves, we learn we are more alike than different and grow to appreciate a deeper experience. The week is designed to nourish your Body, Mind, Spirit connection.

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