“In Great Gratitude”

“For the first time since 3 rear-end car accidents and trauma (over 20 years) I feel a sustaining and growing core of strength, trust, and stability. Friends I’ve not seen for months commented,“You seem more grounded than ever.”
I am half way through ‘Set 1”! My motivation was high when I began training with Siddhi early September; Now I am more motivated and know that I can meet
the upcoming Challenge-of-a-lifetime with Grace and a roar of power.”
- Roxanna L Rutter, Ph.D.

"Life-changing experience!”

"I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to practice Kundalini Yoga with my teacher Siddhi. Siddhi is radiant, professional, very knowledgeable, caring and so spiritual.

It is hard to put into words the shift of energy and gratitude I feel it by the time we end class. I highly recommend taking her classes, it is a life-changing experience."

-Renee Golan

I first met Siddhi several years ago, when I attended a Kundalini class at her home in Summerland.  Although I had practiced and taught yoga for many years, Siddhi's class impacted me on a different level in comparison to more traditional hatha or vinyasa classes (although I love those practices too). I tried to take her classes whenever I could fit them into my schedule, and I was thus delighted when this past spring my schedule aligned, and I was able to attend one of her intensive workshops.  It was at that workshop that I realized I had work to do on myself and that, although I did yoga regularly, I needed something more, something different.  I thus scheduled a private session with Siddhi.  She developed a sadhana for me that I committed to for 40-days and that was focused on releasing trauma and realigning the chakras.  It was hard!  And yet, so perfect and so worth it.  Siddhi has since crafted a second sadhana as well as an evening meditation for me.  This second practice was completely different than the first -- and yet it too was somehow exactly what I was needing. Admittedly, my private lessons with Siddhi were a bit of a financial reach, but I can't emphasize enough that they were well worth the investment. She has helped add something to my life that is enriching on so many levels -- physically, psychologically, and spiritually. I am so, so very thankful for having found Siddhi and for her thoughtful and steady guidance.

- Rebekah Callard Barry

“Best prenatal yoga class in Santa Barbara”

Siddhi has a confident and nurturing style. Her grounding presence combined with her sense of humor and a strong healing power creates a sense of calm and peace in her class.
She is committed to each one of her students. Siddhi’s teachings are a perfect balance of spiritual and physical workout, which allows students to feel strengthened, rejuvenated and centered again.

— D.M.

"Siddhi & her yoga classes have enriched my life"

I have been fortunate to live in the same area as Siddhi and have taken Kundalini yoga classes from her for many years.  More recently I have also taken Sattva yoga classes with Siddhi.  What motivates my allegiance with Siddhi is her eagerness to keep learning and her depth of knowledge of yoga & the physical body.  Siddhi walks her talk and has a good sense of humor to make it fun.  Siddhi & her yoga classes have enriched my life and I will always be grateful to her for strengthening my body and expanding my mental horizons.

- Betty Little

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