Pregnancy is not just a phase but a transformative journey, one that's both powerful and delicate. Siddhi Ma, with her deep-rooted wisdom and decades of expertise, brings forth a unique prenatal yoga program designed to empower and support mothers-to-be. Dive deep into practices that nurture the body, calm the mind, and connect the spirit, preparing you for the beautiful journey ahead

Prenatal Yoga Offerings

Our classes blend traditional yoga with holistic approaches to nurture your body, calm your mind, and prepare you for childbirth. Discover the synergy of movement, sound, kriya, and pranayama tailored to each trimester.

Siddhi Ma

Session Details

Emphasis on sound and mudras to keep you centered and peaceful, ensuring both the mother and the baby benefit from the sessions.

  • Duration: Each session spans 75 minutes of immersive practice.
  • Cost: $100 per session.
  • Recording: Every session is recorded for your convenience, allowing you to revisit and practice at your own pace.
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Led by Siddhi and Annemarie

Embracing the Mother Within

EMBRACING THE MOTHER WITHIN retreat, led by Siddhi and Annemarie, is an intimate retreat designed to find within ourselves the healing of our relationship with our mother and foremothers. Our mother/foremothers live in every cell of our being, their pain, suffering, as well as their joy and bliss. For our own well-being and that of future generations it is vital to face and move through any unresolved issues we are holding in our body and sub consciousness so we can fully come into our own authentic self.

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