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Siddhi Ma

Teacher Training Siddhi Ma

Teacher Training Siddhi Ma

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Moving from being a student into being a teacher. The foundation of the training is trust. We are entering into a relationship which is beyond the regular teacher/student relationship. I will take you under my wings until you can fly on your own. That’s why I don’t set the training in time, time is what make you a teacher. We will know when you are ready. I will be with you all long. I will ensure you are being supported long after you are certified. 

Siddhi Ma’s expertise as a Master Teacher and Teacher Trainer in Kundalini and Naam Yoga traditions is unparalleled. Her profound knowledge and experience serve as a guiding light for aspiring teachers, fostering a deep understanding of the intricate philosophies and practices within these sacred traditions. Through her training, teachers gain not only technical proficiency but also a spiritual grounding that enriches their teaching. Siddhi Ma’s compassionate guidance and dedication empower her students to embody the essence of these ancient practices and become adept and conscientious teachers themselves.

These training session are transformative, nurturing a community of educators who carry forth the essence of Kundalini and Naam yoga with authenticity and reverence. A foundational understanding of yoga and commitment to the discipline is required. 

An initial consultation is required for this training, please book a time below for the initial consultation. 

After booking this offering, you will be redirected to a scheduling page to schedule your meeting with Siddhi. 

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"I have been working with Siddhi monthly during my pregnancy. I am more calm after our practice, feel more connected to my body, and more present with my baby. I am grateful for her support, her space holding, and her clarity."

Jackie Woods