Siddhi's School of Yoga offers the best quality yoga instruction in a variety of yoga styles, to suit different needs and ages including Kundalini, prenatal and postnatal yoga. Contact today: (805) 280.9779


Yoga Specialities 

Siddhi's School of Yoga specializes in Kundalini Yoga, Sattva Yoga and Naam Yoga. Our specialities also include prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga and organ cleanses. Classes are offered in a group setting but can also be arranged on an individual basis. Send me an email and let's get started!

About Siddhi


Siddhi is a Master Teacher and Teacher Trainer in the Kundalini and Naam Yoga traditions and the co-founder of Sattva Prenatal Yoga. Siddhi is the Founder of The Organ Cleanse and The Brain Cleanse™. She has taught around the world in India, South Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the US. 


Nothing I say would be as credible as the testimonials from my students themselves. Take some time to read through these. My students voluntarily provided feedback and wanted to share it with others who are considering my classes. You can also read my reviews on

“I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been going to Siddhi’s classes since 16 weeks. I wish I had started sooner, its a wonderful resource and a super loving and supportive environment, Its still a great workout. Its also like a mommy group, like a little community which is vital especially for new moms.”
— Stephanie L., Santa Barbara