The human journey requires a new being-ness, seeing-ness, and feeling-ness. A being-ness which embraces, tolerates and supports our human-ness. A seeing-ness which looks for what works, looks for the beauty in all, and respects each life.A feeling-ness into and for each other.A listening for the gift everyone carries in their heart.

Everyone is “my” person.

Organized religions don't unite us - they divide us. So many different paths - one destination - can we walk with and next to each other?

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    Experience personalized well-being with an exclusive private session, tailored to your unique needs in areas such as physical rejuvenation, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.

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  • Kundalini Group Classes

    Experience the moving from me to we.

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  • Prenatal Yoga

    Embrace motherhood with grace and strength. The Sattva Prenatal Yoga sessions provide safe, joyful, and mindful guidance for expecting mothers.

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