About Siddhi Ma

Siddhi Ma's journey from a seeker to a spiritual guide is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and passion for personal development and spiritual growth. Born as a curious soul, Siddhi's quest for knowledge and self-discovery began at the tender age of 17 when she embarked on a search for a therapist. This initial step led her from her first psychotherapy session to encountering her first Indian teacher, Osho.

My Journey

Encounter with Osho

Siddhi's spiritual journey took a significant turn when she encountered her first Indian teacher, Osho. This meeting marked the beginning of her lifelong dedication to spirituality and personal development.

"Meditation is the last Freedom." Osho

My Journey

Studies and Career

After Osho's passing, Siddhi continued her journey, crossing paths with numerous teachers and learning from various lineages. She pursued studies in Social Pedagogy and taught Leadership and Management Trainings in Germany, Sweden, Greece, and the US until 1994.

My Journey

Transformation into a Yogini

A challenging health issue led her to Kundalini Yoga, marking the end of her career as a consultant and the beginning of her life as a yogini.

  • Teaching & Yoga Certifications

    • KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Sattva Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Naam Yoga Teacher
    • Teacher ERYT500 with Yoga Alliance
    • Certified Khalsa Prenatal Teacher
  • Prenatal & Doula Certifications

    • Trained Paramana doula, certified by Michel Odent, MD
    • Co-founder and lead trainer for Sattva Prenatal Yoga
  • Founder Of

    • Organ Cleanse
    • Siddhi's School of Yoga
    • Brain Cleanse