Workshops & Retreats

Journey with Siddhi Ma beyond the mat. Our workshops and retreats offer immersive experiences that invite you to dive deeper into the spiritual realm of yoga, meditation, and holistic well-being. Whether you're an ardent yogi or a curious soul, join us to explore, grow, and transform in a nurturing community.

  • Embracing the Mother Within

    led by Siddhi and Annemarie, is an intimate retreat designed to find within ourselves the healing of our relationship with our mother and foremothers.

    3rd-9th February 2024

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  • The Essence of Kundalini

    Dive deep into the spiritual energy within.

    Date: [Upcoming Date], Location: [Venue]

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  • Holistic Healing Circle

    A workshop on healing practices beyond yoga.

    Date: [Upcoming Date], Location: [Venue].

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  • Meditation & Mindfulness

    Techniques to foster inner peace and clarity.

    Date: [Upcoming Date], Location: [Venue]

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